Gratitude and Reviews: Quilting Cancer Touches Many

My family and I have been overwhelmed by the response to Quilting Cancerthank you for the kind words, support, and enthusiasm. Kelly’s optimism, courage, and perseverance continues to thread people together and will have an impact for years to come. QuiltingCancer

But now I have a favor to ask… Everyone who has been touched by Quilting Cancer, the blog or the book, please take a few minutes to write a review–it only needs to be a sentence or two–on Amazon or Goodreads. Reviews will help Quilting Cancer reach a wider audience and make it available to a variety of promotional websites.

And, for those of you who purchased the Kindle edition, a new version is available on Amazon, with a Kindle table-of-contents, as well as other updates. If you sync your device, the updated version should automatically download.

Identity Novels: Books for kids who don’t fit in the box

An agent once described The Power of Two by Lori Sawicki as “‘a quiet, literary book that was beautifully written.” And I couldn’t agree more but I would add that the thoughtful tale will stay with you long after the last word is read.

So I was absolutely thrilled to discover that Lori has developed her own publishing house–Identity Novels–and started her new enterprise with The Power of Two, a book that I feel privileged to have read in one of its pre-publication drafts.

I first became friends with Lori while networking at a SCBWI-MI Conference in Ann Arbor. From there, we became critique partners, reading each others’ work and providing feedback.  And with that insight, I can guarantee readers will gobble up The Power of Two and wait impatiently for Lori to publish more of her novels.

So check out her website and spread the word: there’s a new publisher “for kids who don’t fit in the box.”

New pubs for young writers and digital stories

Cuckoo Quarterly: “Hello and welcome to the newly hatched Cuckoo Quarterly! We’re an online literary magazine designed by and for young writers, a haven from the trials of school or college where you can let your creative juices flow… and in turn sample the creative outpourings of other like-minded individuals. We also want to show you what other young writers have created – and to see what you’ve been writing too.”

First Inkling: “First Inkling is more than an international literary magazine and online bibliophile hotspot. First Inkling is a snapshot of a generation. Through the prose, verse, and in-depth interviews of tomorrow’s preeminent writers, First Inkling explores the cultural, intellectual, and political ethos of their world. First Inkling is a visionary print and online medium dedicated to seeking out the most talented student authors in the English language, and publishing their work alongside criticism from the most important writers of our age. ”

New digital short works series for Penguin: “Penguin is launching a digital series of exclusive short works called Penguin Shorts, releasing nine titles by authors including Helen Dunmore, Toby Young and Colm Toibin.”