Quilting Cancer

Createspace, 2017

How does one live while also preparing to die? For Kelly Fanning the answer involved a skill perfected by her grandmothers—quilting. So during the most difficult time of her life, while battling metastatic cancer, Kelly began piecing together colorful fabric into quilts for those she loved. Along the way, she recorded her observations—lessons in bravery, perseverance, and mindfulness—in her blog, Quilting Cancer. The result was a patchwork of wisdom, as vibrant and beautiful as one of her quilts. The blog, along with essays reflecting on Kelly’s bravery, are reprinted here, a reminder of how everyday heroes surround us, threading their way throughout humanity.

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To say that Quilting Cancer is a “lovely tribute” is far from describing the value and significance of this book. It’s beautiful, emotionally raw, and a deeply layered story about surviving cancer and living over it instead of beneath it. When readers meet Kelly, they quickly understand her refusal to surrender to a condition that tries to damage her spirit and psyche while taking her health. Through her courage, strength, and determination, she chooses to live a quality, filled life despite her situation. What readers learn from Kelly are takeaways for life.” ~ Lori Sawicki, Amazon

“I didn’t know what to expect from this book because it deals with a subject that scares us all, cancer. It turned out to be a heartwarming read about a woman with an unquenchable joy for life, who lived each day to the fullest despite her challenges and invited others to do the same. I highly recommend it. Kelly, I wish I’d known you.” ~ Sandra Cox, Amazon

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