Identity Novels: Books for kids who don’t fit in the box

An agent once described The Power of Two by Lori Sawicki as “‘a quiet, literary book that was beautifully written.” And I couldn’t agree more but I would add that the thoughtful tale will stay with you long after the last word is read.

So I was absolutely thrilled to discover that Lori has developed her own publishing house–Identity Novels–and started her new enterprise with The Power of Two, a book that I feel privileged to have read in one of its pre-publication drafts.

I first became friends with Lori while networking at a SCBWI-MI Conference in Ann Arbor. From there, we became critique partners, reading each others’ work and providing feedback.  And with that insight, I can guarantee readers will gobble up The Power of Two and wait impatiently for Lori to publish more of her novels.

So check out her website and spread the word: there’s a new publisher “for kids who don’t fit in the box.”

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