Nerissa’s Celebration

Knowonder, 2013
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“This collection includes stories about roly-poly fat cats and super-duper-staticy cats, dancing bears and piggy princesses, a boy with lead boots and kids who actually want monsters under their beds! And of course, there are dragons and a whole lot of other adventurous and exciting things hiding inside.” – Knowonder

From my story, A Damselfly in Distress:

“Ian and Grandma floated along the river in a double kayak. The tops of pines broke through the mist like turrets on a castle. A frog hopped onto driftwood in the shape of a sword.

“I’m Sir Ian, Knight of the Kayak.” Ian looked over his shoulder at Grandma, who sat behind him. “And you can be Queen of the River.”

“I’d be honored, Sir Ian.” Grandma chuckled and bowed her head.

Sunlight broke through the mist. A yellow and black dragonfly darted over the kayak. Ian ducked. The little boat rocked from side to side…


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