Monday Markets on Tuesday: Fantasy Scroll, Pithead Chapel, and more

Fantasy Scroll Press Announces The Launch of a New Short Story Market – “Fantasy Scroll Press, a small independent publisher, announced the launch of Fantasy Scroll Magazine, a new short fiction publication created for readers who love fantasy, science fiction, horror, and paranormal stories.”

Pithead Chapel – “Pithead Chapel is a small, independent and volunteer-run literary journal and small press out of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We publish gutsy narratives every month.”

Horror Tree – “Gothic Blue Book Vol 4: Original Gothic Blue Books typically took place in either a monastery, convent or castle. In years past we have asked for short stories that take place in one of these locations, or a modern day location such as a morgue, haunted house or cemetery. This year, we have added a new entry – legend, folklore or myth of the Americas.”

T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog – “Payment of $50 for horror, fantasy and science fiction stories. T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog releases a family-friendly speculative story every Monday, mostly by guest authors.”




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