Keeping up with the shorts: new markets, contests, celebrations, and more

Library Blogs for Teen Patrons: A handy list of blogs to use for promotion and to see what’s being read in teen lit.

-Celebrating the short story (a little late): May was National Short Story Month… Don’t worry–I missed it too. But it’s never too late to celebrate: check out this offering from NPR .

-For those of you who like to keep it brief, here’s a list of flash fiction markets (older YA through adult) from Flash Fiction Chronicles .

-England’s The Guardian asks: Is the short story really the novel’s poor relation?

-Along the same lines: Hunger Mountain’s Claire Guyton blogs: No, You Do NOT Have To Write A Novel: A Celebration of the Short Story and the Short Story Writer

Juniper Berry Story Contest (for ages 9-14): From the site — “Juniper Berry is a story about a girl trapped in a modern-day fairy tale: a world that is both terrifying and enticing. After you read the first two chapters, write your own story of terror and temptation in 500 to 1500 words. Make your story appropriate for kids. The first sentence should start with “Mother and father aren’t quite right.”

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