Genre Firsts: Books that defined romance, horror, and more

I love lists–favorite movies, books, ice cream flavors–you name it. So when I came across this article, The Originals: 5 Books That Defined Genres, I couldn’t resist clicking on the headline and delving in. The author, Jeff Somers, travels back in time to discover what novel was the first in its genre. Little Women, he claims, was the first young adult novel, while Frankenstein the first horror.

“As far as art forms go, the novel’s still a relative novelty (see what I did there), having only existed for a few centuries now—compared to, say, cave paintings or epic poetry. Even so, it might seem like the various genres of the novel—science fiction, horror, romance, mystery, young adult—have always existed. But there’s an origin for everything, even genres that seem age-old. While it’s never an exact science, here are five books that are arguably the first in their respective genres.” Read more