Caught in a Stop-Motion Spring

My little slice of northeastern Michigan feels like The Year Without Spring–one of those stop-motion holiday specials from the 1960s and 70s. But at this point the Heat Miser would be more than welcome.

So I’ve been dreaming about warm weather, revisiting a sunnier spring and a trip to the Big Island Lake Wilderness in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which I wrote about many years ago for Whisper in the Woods–Kimberli Bindschatel‘s gorgeous nature magazine.

SunsetKayakFrom Spring 2006, Territorial Beavers to Cloud Anemones: Water sprayed into the air and tumbled back down again, shattering the quiet. Droplets rolled across the lake like marbles; a stillness followed. A fish, I wondered, or someone throwing a rock? I peered through the woods but saw nothing, only birch trees, their bark peeling in white sheets, and ferns, emerald spikes running along a ridge — the world dyed green, late spring’s gift to summer. Read the rest here.