Writer Blog Tag: I’m It

While playing tag this past Saturday with my nieces, I never expected to hear, “You’re it,” well into the following week.  Yet, it’s Thursday morning and  I’m still playing tag. This time, though, I’ve replaced my nieces with fellow writers.

Author Kristi Rose tagged me for the Writer Blog Hop–a series of questions about the writing process. You can find my answers below and be sure to check out Kristi’s, as well as the responses from the writers listed at the bottom of this posting (their websites are also great places to find reading suggestions!)

What I am working on/writing

I’m immersed, to the point of drowning, with the three E’s: editing, editing, and then some more editing. Yarn Weavers–an urban-fantasy-romance based on Mayan mythology (how’s that for a genre-buster?)–is due out from Lyrical Press next year and it’s getting a major polish.  A mystery about snake-wrangling brothers sits on the back burner.

How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

I take ordinary events or objects and give them a twist–a knitted scarf capable of finding missing children or a wig made from gold. Then I sprinkle in a few eccentric characters–a man who dresses like a candy corn or a girl who can read messages in the clouds–and send them on  an adventure.

Why do I write what I do? and How does my writing process work?

Current events and everyday encounters often get stuck in my imagination. Turkey vultures perched along the road look like a coven of witches or an ordinary tapestry resembles an opening to another world

These story ideas churn around in my brain for days, months, sometimes years, until they practically force their way out through my fingertips. Next I jot down several paragraphs or pages, whatever I can. Then I take a breath and make a rough outline of the plot and characters, filling in the blanks and reworking it as I go.


Thanks for stopping by but you’re not finished yet–this game of tag never ends… Hop over to these author’s pages for writing insights and book suggestions: Anya Monroe, Kim Smith, and Desiree Holt