Detroit Workshop: The “humiliating miserable thing” called writing

For those of you near Detroit, hop over to 826michigan’s “How to Write Like I Do” workshop on June 20. Jason Porter will present “Necessary Contradictions: Hating the Thing We Love to Do While Loving the Thing We Hate to Do.”

“Being successful as a writer demands the necessary contradiction that we are our harshest critic while simultaneously being our biggest fan. In this workshop we will honor above all else any and all tactics that return us to the writing process. Harmless tricks. Arbitrary goals. Writing with a pen. Closing our eyes. Unplugging routers. We will do whatever it takes to get us back to doing that excruciating humiliating miserable thing we can’t seem to get enough of: writing.”

Get all the details here. Proceeds benefit 826michigan’s creative writing programs for students in Detroit’s schools, libraries, and community centers.

Spring Writing Workshops in Ann Arbor

Breaking news from 826michigan:

The non-profit group is once again hosting their spring workshop series for adults, “How To Write Like I Do.”

“First up, on Saturday, March 15, is “The Object Story” with Ben Stroud, author of Byzantium: Stories. A story needs meaningful conflict, and one way to provide that is through an object — some physical thing given to a character, that a character strives toward, or that characters fight over.We’ll look at two classic “Object Stories” and examine how the physical object itself shapes the story.  Then we’ll come up with our own objects and use them to build the beginnings of a story.  How to Write Like I Do workshops are $25 for one writer, or $40 for two, and include coffee, pastries, good conversation, and craft talk.”

Get all the details here.