The Cowboy and Miss Austen

One of my favorite short stories has found a home* (click here to read it). It is the tale of a young cowboy, looking for love and discovering Jane Austen’s novels along the way. Those of you who know me will understand why this story in particular is close to my heart, and I want to thank the editor, Jessica, for selecting it. So now all of my stories have been published–a strange milestone and certainly a reminder that I need to get busy writing. In the meantime, I have a pile of books to finish and the change of seasons to enjoy. Happy fall (and reading), everyone!

*It was accepted for publication by a small press in 2021 but that publisher has evidently folded.

Snake Wrangler and the Scorpion Kid

Another one of my short stories has found a home. Flash Fiction Magazine has accepted Snake Wrangler and the Scorpion Kid for publication. I am always thrilled when an editor likes my work, but this story became the basis for my novel Deathstalker Two-Step, a murder mystery. So, of course, I’m hoping that this is foreshadowing of more good news to come. The writing business is a funny place–you can go through literally years of rejection and then all of a sudden your work is accepted. So to all my writing friends: keep pushing forward and never give up. A publishing contract might be only a few pages away!