Idaho Author Shares Love for Africa

“I was a woman near my 48th birthday in the middle of a love affair with the land and with the self I met in Africa,” says author Jeannine Antoniou.

And she shares that love in Throwing the Bones:  African Encounters. Katherine Jones of the Idaho Statesman called Throwing the Bones, “Part memoir, part poetry, part biography.”

And reviewer Eric Wallace said, “Throwing the Bones is a kaleidoscopic collection of  anecdotes, impressions and observations, a beautiful mosaic of images, thoughtful ideas, and, ultimately, wisdom. The setting is southern Africa. The time: from the last decades of the 20th century to the present. Antoniou takes us on a contemplative journey to many places—places where tourists rarely venture. She gives us meaningful glimpses into the lives of ordinary people…”

According to Jeannine’s website: “A portion of the proceeds in the sale of the book is donated to the Greg Carr Foundation and his project in Mozambique, in the restoration of Gorongosa National Park or Small Village Foundation.”

Jeannine is also available to speak at service organizations, schools, and book clubs throughout the Northwest.

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