Literary Journeys: Snake-wrangling, witches, and Jane Austen

Word Crushes is going on hiatus while I take a literary journey.

First stop is southern Arizona, where two snake-wrangling buddies are in desperate need of guidance. Then it’s off to Oaxaca, Mexico to research rumors involving a band of knitting-needle-wielding witches (try to say that three times fast). And finally I’ll head north to Idaho to help a heart-broken cowboy who is seeking solace in Jane Austen novels (I doubt I’ll be able to offer any better advice: Austen has been known to cure many broken hearts).

As you can see, it’s going to be a busy spring and summer–no time for blogging. I do hope, though, that the travels will help me refocus and come back with a new and improved Word Crushes, perhaps integrating the blog with my website. But all that will have to wait…

For now, bon voyage–happy reading and writing!

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